Welcome and thank you for finding our website. Serving the recording needs of the music and broadcast community in Atlanta and nationally since 1990, we have built one of the most efficient and affordable recording facilities in the southeast.  Our in house engineers are well known for attention to detail, musical sensibilities, superior sound quality and the experience needed to help our clients make the right choices for a successful studio recording, live recording or mastering project.  Also available to outside engineers, producers and musicians, Dogwood is impeccably maintained and fully stocked with world class equipment and classic instruments all of which are included in our rates. 

We have everything needed to complete a project from the first note recorded to overdubbing, editing, mixing and finishing off with high end CD mastering.  Recognizing the current home studio or “do it yourself” recording climate as an industry fact, we routinely work on projects which may begin here at Dogwood, go home for easy overdubs and return for mixing and mastering.  We invite you to call, email or come tour the studio and meet with us to answer any questions you may have and make a plan for a positive recording experience.